HRC Responds to Anti-Israel Letter in Penticton News

Today, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman responded to an anti-Israel letter in the Penticton News. Here’s the letter in full which was published today: Frank Martens recent letter (Penticton Western News, Dec. 23, Thinking of others)  is a perfect example of how when baseless accusations are left unanswered, they risk becoming accepted as conventional wisdom. Since […]

Globe And Mail Columnist Gerald Caplan Demonizes Israel – HRC's Latest HuffingtonPost Commentary

They “… are humiliated, terrorized, abused, insulted, evicted, demolished, confiscated, dispossessed, expropriated, beaten, wounded or killed by Goliath, and imprisoned, often in solitary confinement (which means torture) for long stretches… (and) must constantly endure… fences, checkpoints, roadblocks, attacks, intimidation, violence, beatings, tear gas, arrests, imprisonment, death.” Writing in the Globe and Mail on December 13, you’d […]

Exposing Excellence: CBC Reporter Covers Israeli Medical Aid to Thousands of Syrians

Today on both the CBC’s website and CBC News Network, Mideast correspondent Derek Stoffel highlighted how despite being officially at war with Syria, Israel has for the last 3 and a half years been providing medical treatment to over 2,600 Syrians injured in the civil war. Israel Defense Forces medics in field hospitals in the […]

Alert: CBC Radio's One-Sided Report on Appointment of New U.S. Ambassador to Israel

President-Elect Donald Trump’s appointment of David Friedman (pictured right) to serve as new U.S. Ambassador to Israel has been met with lots of news coverage in the mainstream media, much of it was myopic and was rife with hysteria, hyperbole, and doom & gloom scenarios. Instead of informing listeners that many international Jewish organizations and […]

HRC Prompts Journal Pioneer Correction: Antisemitic Quote Attributed to Einstein Fake

After liaising with senior editors at the Journal Pioneer newspaper recently, the following correction was issued today to retract a letter writer’s attributing a fake antisemitic quote to Albert Einstein: On December 21 in the Journal Pioneer, a P.E.I. based newspaper, a letter writer named Richard Deaton claimed that Albert Einstein made the following statement: “It would […]

Toronto Star Letter Writers Condemn BDS

Today in the Toronto Star, several letter writers condemned BDS and the abhorrent accusation that Israel is committing “a slow genocide against the two million Palestinians under its military occupation of Gaza.”