Why Canada?

Simply put, the Canadian news media often fail to provide an accurate representation of Israel and the Middle East. The tendency to focus on daily violence involving Israel while ignoring the absence of democracy and freedom in the rest of the Middle East fosters a distorted perspective on the region. As a result, the Canadian people and our government receive a skewed impression of the region, which means we cannot adequately promote Canadian values and interests.

Canada’s unique and important role in the international community, our democratic way of life, and our multicultural society are a model for the world and the basis of our moral authority at the United Nations and other international forums. In order to promote our values and make the world a safer and more prosperous place for all people, including Canadians, we require accurate information about the world in which we live. As the primary lens through which Canadians learn about the world, our media must therefore report honestly, accurately and with context. They must avoid all qualification, justification or ambiguity in reporting on sensitive issues such as human rights, tyranny and terrorism.