Our Methodology

HRC works independently and in concert with other organizations to effect change. We use a combination of grass-roots activism, media analysis and media activism to achieve our goals.

Grass-Roots Activism: HRC is constantly building a membership base of grass-roots media monitors and responders. HRC members act as media patrollers throughout the country, monitoring their local media and reporting lapses in objectivity, accuracy or fairness to the news outlet and to HRC. They also seek to build relationships with the media, educate them on substantive issues and hold them accountable to professional standards of journalism by complaining about instances or patterns of distortion.

Media Analysis: HRC collects and analyzes news reports to ensure that coverage of the Middle East, including language and choice of programming, is consistent with a commitment to present an accurate picture of the region. HRC media studies and report cards make this information available to the public so they can better understand the job that our media are doing.

Media Activism: HRC produces materials that promote a clearer understanding of the Middle East and greater transparency into the workings of the Canadian media. We work with Canadian spokespersons to share this information with a larger audience via submitted articles and media appearances.