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I know you are concerned with the way the Mideast situation is being reported in the media.

I have just registered with, and I am suggesting that you do the same.

HonestReporting Canada was founded by a group of concerned individuals who affiliate neither to the right nor to the left. The organization is interested only in ensuring that Israel receives the fair media coverage that every nation deserves.

HonestReporting Canada scrutinizes the media for examples of bias, and then informs subscribers of problematic articles, asking them to respond directly to the relevant news agency. This is not merely an information service – it’s a way we can respond to the media in an informed, coordinated fashion.

HonestReporting Canada has over 55,000 members worldwide, and is aiming for 60,000.

So far, they have had a lot of success in getting news agencies to change editorial policy, and to think twice before publishing an unbalanced report.

The eyes of the world are on Israel, and by working together we can start to make the changes that are very, very necessary.

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