Toronto Star Columnist Shree Paradkar Accuses “The Israeli Government And Its Supporters” Of Dehumanizing All Palestinians

December 12, 2023

Shree Paradkar, one of Canada’s most prolific anti-Israel columnists, has once again descended to a new low.

In her latest commentary entitled: “Why Israel’s denial of innocence to civilians is so deadly for Gaza,” published December 9 in The Toronto Star, is a cacophony not just of half-truths, but of overt animosity towards Israelis and all supporters of Israel’s right to exist.

Paradkar’s column has been called “a hate pamphlet” by Canadian journalist Warren Kinsella and it’s not difficult to see why. She wrote that “the Israeli government and its supporters would have us believe they (Palestinians in Gaza) are anything but innocent civilians.”

For a column disparaging Israel’s alleged generalization of Palestinians, Paradkar does exactly the same, framing Israel and its supporters as a bloodthirsty troglodyte, out to murder (or justify the murder) of innocent Palestinians.

Paradkar argues that Israel, by “repeatedly focusing only on Hamas’s horrific crimes, they rebuff any attempt to frame Gazan civilians as victims.” But minimizing Hamas’ actions, on October 7, as well as before and after, Paradkar misrepresented the entire character of the current war.

Unlike Hamas, which on October 7 gleefully massacred 1,200 Israeli men, women and children, including heinous acts of torture, sexual assault and the post-mortem desecration of bodies, all while recording their murderous rampage on video cameras, Israel has done exactly the opposite.

Following Hamas’ terrorist attack – the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust ­– Israel has sought to degrade the Islamic terrorist group’s ability to murder Israelis, but has not indiscriminately murdered Gazans, as many anti-Israel detractors allege, instead taking great pains to warn Palestinian civilians in advance, and placing many Israeli soldiers in harm’s way in an attempt to focus attacks on Hamas targets specifically.

Even in the face of surveys showing the vast majority of Palestinians support the torture, rape and murder of Israeli civilians, the Jewish State has taken significant steps to avoid harming those same Palestinians.

The singular focus of Paradkar’s column is Israel and its alleged dehumanization of Palestinians, all while completely ignoring Hamas’ actual dehumanization of Israelis, both in words and in actions.

This omission represents more than just sloppy commentary; it fails to present readers with the full truth, namely how Hamas’ actions not only seek to murder Israelis and Jews, but which happily and even enthusiastically seeks the harm of Gazan civilians in an attempt to buttress its own political positioning.

Paradkar ends her column by demanding “not a temporary ceasefire, not a humanitarian pause. A full cessation,” but predictably, never predicates her call for a full cessation of violence on Hamas’ release of the remaining Israeli hostages, or of an end to Hamas’ declaration of war on Israel, its firing of rockets into Israeli population centres, or its genocidal intent to wipe Israel off the map.

In words and deeds, Hamas makes no attempt to hide its genocidal aims towards Israel. In fact, it actively boasts about it. And despite some heated rhetoric that has sometimes emanated from Israel, Jerusalem has not declared war on Palestinian civilians, nor taken any actions that could reasonably be construed as such.

Despite this reality, Paradkar seems intent on arguing otherwise, alleging in a recent column in October that Israel intentionally targets and murders innocent Palestinian civilians. But Paradkar remains skeptical of Hamas’ actions, casting doubt in posts published on X (formerly Twitter) in November about the veracity of Hamas’ massacres on October 7. Meanwhile, in a tweet published in early December, Paradkar shared antisemitic content comparing Israel to the Nazis.

Incredibly, despite this ongoing anti-Israel animus displayed by Paradkar, she remains The Toronto Star’s “internal ombudsman,” a role which aims to “provide a safe place for BIPOC journalists and all journalists to express editorial-related discrimination and bias concerns if they don’t feel comfortable bringing it to their manager directly.”

While Paradkar is entitled to her views, as reprehensible as they may be, it must be understood that she is the Star’s “internal ombud,” and is therefore the person that Jewish staff members are supposed to go to if they have concerns about discrimination or bias.


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