Toronto Star Columnist Compares Hamas & Israel, Saying Both Are Intentionally Killing Innocent People

Following the initial shock following Hamas’ unprecedented terrorist attack on Israel the morning of October 7, which has claimed the lives of an estimated 1,400 people at last count, some commentators in the news media have begun falsely equating Israel’s defensive actions with that of Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group which committed the atrocity.

In an opinion column published on October 13 entitled: “To spare innocents in Gaza, you have to see them as innocent first,” Shree Paradkar, The Toronto Star’s social & racial justice columnist, repeatedly made false comparisons between Hamas and Israel.

In her column, Paradkar exhorted readers to see both Hamas terrorism and Israel’s defensive actions as part of the same violence that needs to be condemned, writing: “Hamas is bad. The Israeli government is bad. Innocent Israelis and Palestinians are being targeted and killed.”

While such a moral equivocation is easy to make, it is also lazy and wrong. While it is tragic and undoubtable that both innocent Israelis and Palestinians are dying, to brazenly claim that both Israeli and Palestinian civilians “are being targeted” is utterly false.

Hamas is a genocidal Islamist terrorist organization which seeks to destroy Israel, put its morals on display when it massacred men, women and children in southern Israel, intentionally murdering scores of innocent people who had committed no crime. They were not accidentally killed, nor collateral damage; they were purposefully targeted for death.

In Gaza, where Israel is carrying out air strikes in widespread anticipation of a ground invasion to root out Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure, Israel is targeting Hamas operatives, rocket launchers and other legitimate military targets connected to Hamas.

Although it is indisputable that innocent Palestinians in Gaza have also died alongside the intended Hamas targets, responsibility for such tragedies fall entirely at the feet of Hamas, which cynically operates out of civilian buildings, uses underground ‘terror tunnels’ to hide their weaponry and rockets, and whose use of Palestinian civilians as human shields is well documented.

The group’s abduction of nearly 200 innocent people, snatched from Israel during its October 7 massacre, aren’t just hostages, but human shields, an inexcusable war crime, but according to Paradkar’s column, not fundamentally different than Israel defending itself against jihadists seeking to destroy it.

Hamas is an organization which has carried out many suicide bombings against civilian targets in Israel, including buses, restaurants and hotels. When Israel’s security barrier prevented them from carrying out those attacks, Hamas began investing heavily in rocket development, and the group has fired thousands of rockets into Israeli population centres, intentionally aiming to maim and kill as many innocent people as possible.

Hamas’ mega-terrorist attack last week was, though its largest-ever assault on Israel, a natural progression in its attempts to wipe Israel off the map and murder as many of its people as possible. It is absolutely essential for all media commentators to understand this fundamental point, and recognize that against an enemy dedicated to the wholesale elimination of Israel, the Jewish State has no choice but to target Hamas’ capabilities as thoroughly as possible.


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