Anti-Israel Articles In Dawson College Newspaper Whitewash Hamas & Accept The Group’s Claims Uncritically

November 17, 2023

In a famous scene from The Beard, a 1995 episode of the sitcom Seinfeld, character George Constanza tells his friend Jerry Seinfeld that in order to beat a lie detector test, he should remember that “it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

The scene was meant to be comical, and not serve as a kind of real-life inspiration for turning truth on its head. But in his article “Seeds of Injustice: The historical context behind Israel and Palestine,” which appeared in November’s edition of The Plant, Dawson College’s student newspaper, author Sanad Hamdouna appears to be operating under the impression that if one spends enough time concocting falsehoods, they become true.

Hamdouna describes Zionism – the Jewish People’s movement of self-determination in their historic homeland – as an attempt to “colonize Palestine.”

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Zionism isn’t colonization, and in fact represents the total antithesis. Zionism, unlike colonialism, where powers invade foreign lands for conquest, is built upon three thousands years of uninterrupted Jewish history in the land of Israel. Calling Zionism a colonial endeavour isn’t just ahistorical, it is a total inversion of three millennia of history.

Hamdouna describes Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attacks as a “devastating operation” where Hamas fighters “broke through the fences surrounding Gaza…attacked at least 25 Israeli military bases in addition to Israeli settlements on the border, killing hundreds…”

Hamdouna’s choice of verbiage creates an extremely misleading picture of what took place. On October 7, Hamas carried out the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, murdering roughly 1,200 men, women and children – the vast majority of whom were civilians, not soldiers manning military bases.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Israel’s counter-terrorism operations in Gaza, Hamdouna repeats Hamas propaganda, claiming that “Israel has killed at least 9227 Palestinians in Gaza…almost all civilians,” which is an assertion without any independent verification, coming exclusively from Hamas.

Hamdouna also asserts that in 1948, 750,000 Arabs were expelled “from their homes by Zionist militias,” failing to report that scores of these Arabs left as a result of threats from Arab leaders, and even voluntarily, following Arab military defeats.  

In another article in the same edition of The Plant, “Unraveling the Web of Propaganda: Deception, Disinformation in Israel-Palestine Crisis,” News Editor Defne Aliefendioglu spreads blatant disinformation, accusing Israel of carrying out “an airstrike on the Al-Ahli Arab hospital” on October 17, when extensive evidence and intelligence reports have determined the Gaza hospital was struck from a rocket from within Gaza, not Israel.

But when it comes to Hamas claims, Aliefendioglu seemingly loses interest in verifying claims. She states matter-of-factly that “the death toll in Gaza has risen to over 9,500,” failing to report that these unverified and unreliable numbers – which come exclusively from Hamas – do not differentiate between civilians and Hamas terrorists, or even between those killed in Israeli air strikes or errant Palestinian rocket fire, as took place on October 17.  

In the same edition, an article by Staff Writer Emma Caspi, “The Disinformation and Bias in the Media Addressing Palestine and Israel,” demonstrates what can only be described as a supreme lack of self-awareness given the newspaper’s egregious anti-Israel focus. Caspi navigates readers through the Hamas-Israel war, and states that “neither Hamas or the Zionists, however, are justifiable for their actions and devastation.”

Comparing “the Zionists” (Israel) to Hamas is an indefensible statement, morally and factually. Hamas is a fanatical Islamic terrorist group with the stated and explicit aim of destroying Israel, and replacing it with an Islamic State-style totalitarian caliphate. Israel is a vibrant liberal democracy which, following Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack, has no choice but to fight the group and seek to degrade its ability to murder Israelis.

Caspi ends her article by lecturing readers to be aware of media bias, laughably reminding them how important it is to “shut down those who perpetuate harmful information.”

Although it is clearly a surprise to Caspi, her own nonsensical drivel – and the other articles in the very same edition – are textbook examples of preposterous ideology masquerading as legitimate journalism.


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