HRC in Times of Israel: Reverse Canada’s Faustian Bargain With Dictators

Also available on the Times of Israel website directly. Labelled a “betrayal” of a most trusted ally and a “Faustian bargain with dictatorships,” on November 19, Canada voted against Israel and with the Jewish state’s enemies at the United Nations. Breaking with bi-partisan tradition and a principled 10-year record in opposing one-sided resolutions, Canada joined a who’s […]

Radio Canada Issues Corrective For Failing to Mention Syrian Rockets Fired at Israel

On November 21, Radio-Canada’s Le Téléjournal program aired a report by Sylvain Desjardins about recent developments in Israel and the Mideast region: the corruption allegations against Prime Minister Netanyahu and the likelihood of Israel having a third set of elections, along with violence from Gaza and Syria directed at Israel. In the conclusion of his […]