Radio Canada Issues Corrective For Failing to Mention Syrian Rockets Fired at Israel

December 11, 2019

On November 21, Radio-Canada’s Le Téléjournal program aired a report by Sylvain Desjardins about recent developments in Israel and the Mideast region: the corruption allegations against Prime Minister Netanyahu and the likelihood of Israel having a third set of elections, along with violence from Gaza and Syria directed at Israel.

In the conclusion of his report, Desjardins referred to Israel’s bombing Iranian targets inside Syria, but failed to mention that what preceded Israel’s attack were rockets which were fired at Israel the day before.

To watch this report please click here or on the images below.

HonestReporting Canada is pleased to report that Radio-Canada has recognized its mistake and issued the following corrective (our translation below):

“Our account of the political crisis shaking in Israel contained an inaccuracy. Towards the end of the report, journalist Sylvain Desjardins discussed military tensions involving Israel in the region. He referred to a ‘… response to a Hamas assault in Palestine …’ and the bombing by the Israeli army of ‘Iranian positions in Syria …’ For the sake of precision, it should have been added that the attack in Syria followed rockets fired against Israel the day before.”

“Notre récit sur la crise politique secouant Israël contenant une imprécision. Vers la fin du reportage, le journaliste Sylvain Desjardins abordait les tensions militaires impliquant Israël dans la région. Il a évoqué sa « …réplique aux assauts du Hamas en Palestine… » et les bombardements, par l’armée israélienne, « des positions iraniennes en Syrie… ». Par souci de précision, il aurait fallu ajouter que l’attaque en Syrie faisait suite à des tirs de roquettes contre Israël, la veille.”

We commend Radio-Canada for taking this remedial action to set the record straight.


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