Meet Dareen Al-Sharef, Anti-Israel Activist Who Attended A Celebration Of Hamas’ October 7 Attacks

Dareen Al-Sharef is a mainstay of the anti-Israel activism scene in Toronto, and has participated in local demonstrations targeting the Jewish State.

While such activities are well within her protected rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in many other cases, Al-Sharef has veered far outside this scope, and has engaged in actions that could reasonably be construed, in our view, as both hateful and as expressing support for Palestinian terrorism.

On October 7, 2023, the same day that Hamas launched its genocidal attacks on southern Israel, Al-Sharef took to her Facebook account to write in Arabic, “May Allah give us victory, O Lord.”

HonestReporting Canada has independently verified the translation of Al-Sharef words from the original Arabic

Responding to Al-Sharef’s post, one commenter, Nisrin Adi, wrote (also in Arabic): “See what is happening,” to which Al-Sharef responded with in Arabic, “Palestine will be liberated, Allah willing.”

The same day, she posted an animated video depicting Israelis fleeing Palestinian attacks in Israel, a clear replica of Hamas’ massacres, alongside the caption “Inshallah soon,” or “God willing, soon.”

The animation concluded by showing Israeli homes being taken over by Palestinians.

A caption on the animation read, in Arabic: “The dream has become a reality. You will leave, and we will return. We believe it will happen soon.”

Also on October 7, Al-Sharef posted a video to her Facebook page, showing her holding a Palestinian flag while participating in an event celebrating Hamas’ mass murder.

Less than a month later, on November 3, Al-Sharef once again posted to Facebook, writing that “We determined our path and destination, and our compass’ hands are directed towards Al-Aqsa [mosque]. We have no path, no political goal, and no cause on this planet other than the cause of our land and the liberation of our Al-Aqsa [mosque].

While the post was deleted, the meaning, alongside Al-Sharef’s other comments, was readily apparent in our view: Hamas is justified in murdering, raping, torturing and kidnapping innocent Israeli civilians, because they are guilty of no crime other than living and existing on land that Al-Sharef wants cleansed of Jews.

Alongside her November post, Al-Sharef attached two photos.

The first photo showed an armed Hamas terrorist standing on a hillside with a young boy, dressed in military fatigues and holding what appears to be a gun, and pointing at a target in the distance (presumably the Al Aqsa mosque, located in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital).

The second photo showed an armed terrorist with Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), another Palestinian terrorist organization, kissing the hand of a young boy, holding what appears to be a mock rifle. The young boy is also dressed in military fatigues.

While columnists in major newspapers attempt to garner sympathy for the anti-Israel cause, by portraying pro-Palestinian activists as proponents of peace and as hapless victims, the reality is far less forgiving.

Other prominent anti-Israel campaigners, such as Aliya Hasan, Naveed Awan and Firas al-Najim, fall into the same category.

While there are undoubtedly individuals who oppose Israel’s counter-terrorism efforts, all while condemning Hamas’ terrorism, that is certainly not the case with Dareen Al-Sharef. She has, in our view, shown only support and praise for Hamas and its murderous jihadist terrorism. Meta, the social media giant hosting Al-Sharef’s account, must take immediate corrective action and remove her bile from its platform.

Follow these steps to report her account to Meta:


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