Former Windsor Municipal Candidate Utters Antisemitic Tropes On Social Media

February 28, 2023

Helmi Charif, a former Windsor municipal candidate who lost Ward 3 during the most recent provincial election in October 2022, has been previously exposed by HonestReporting Canada for his hateful and venomous statements on his personal Facebook page, including a bizarre theory in Arabic that “Zionists” are somehow “orchestrating events taking place in Ukraine” and that “Western media is controlled by the Zionists.”

Charif is also known for his role as the Windsor representative of the antisemitic and pro-Iranian regime non-profit organization CD4HR, whose founder, Firas al-Najim, has a long history of harassment against the Jewish community of Toronto. Charif claims he’s no longer associated with CD4HR.

Most recently, on February 10, Charif wrote the following originally in Arabic regarding recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey: “Humanity is supposed to bring us together but there are broken human monsters committing massacres against human rights in the name of humanity, these monsters are western governments controlled by Zionist lobbyists and headed by the American administration, they set themselves gods on earth claiming they have justice, human rights and freedom of speech, and chanting their civilizations that have destroyed communities…”

Not to be outdone, writing on his Facebook page on February 15 in a reply to a comment that said “Nearly a trillion a year for the Pentagon budget…. The military industrial complex and corporations are the true government of the US,” Helmi Charif stated “true and of course the AIPAC (ZIONIST LOBBY) behind them.” Once again, Charif has promoted the antisemitic conspiracy theory of Jewish control of the world.

Meanwhile, on February 19, Charif posted the following to his Facebook page:

“The Zionist entity is the most despicable, impure, and criminal entity in human history. This criminal entity bombed Syria yesterday and did not care about the humanitarian catastrophe that befell its stricken people as a result of the earthquake, Syria and its people are being bombed while bodies are being pulled out from under the rubble, How long will this criminal entity continue to commit massacres against humanity in full view of the international community and no one moves a finger, This Zionist entity is dragging us into a third world war, and it will happen if people do not rise up against their governments, which are controlled by the Zionist lobby, and put an end to this criminal entity.”

Not only did Charif make false accusations of the IDF bombing innocent Syrians, but he also accused Israel of creating World War 3 and repeated the antisemitic conspiracy theory of Jewish control over world governments.

Helmi Charif deserves to be named and shamed for his continuous hateful anti-Israel and antisemitic comments on his social media channels. Perhaps instead of making false accusations, spreading disinformation and making hateful and dangerous antisemitic remarks, Charif should look to recent Israeli humanitarian efforts to know what the real Israel looks like. Even though Israel has no diplomatic relations with Syria and is officially in a state of war with the country, Israel agreed to send tents, medication, blankets and more to Syria, including receiving wounded Syrians for medical treatment in Israeli hospital, after the devastating earthquake that rocked the region at the beginning of February. After all, Israel prioritizes life over anything else; no matter who you are.

Given the potential that exists for Charif to run again for elected office, it’s important that his toxic comments be part of the public record. Canadians cannot elect individuals to public office who espouse hateful views.


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