Toronto Star Demonizes Israel with False Moral Equivalence

June 28, 2016

In what can only be described as a false moral equivalence that served to demonize Israel, on Sunday June 26, the Toronto Star published a lengthy Washington Post article entitled “One murder, two families fractured”. 

The article, by reporters William Booth and Ruth Eglash, described the brutal terror attack where Israeli mother of  six children, Dafna Meir – wife to Natan, was stabbed to death by a 15-year-old Palestinian teenage terrorist named Mourad Adais in her home in Otniel in the west bank.

(The print-only version of the article was seen by over 315,000 people and it can be read in full as appended below or online by clicking here.) 

As the Star’s sub-headline proclaimed (emphasis added): “Husband of slaying victim, father of teenage attacker, both struggle to rebuild lives.”

The Star chose a provocative photo of the Palestinian terrorist’s mother holding her hands up in the air in despair with a caption reading: “The mother of Palestinian teenager Mourad Adais looks to the heavens after Israeli security forces demolished the family home in the West Bank village of Beit Amra. Her son confessed to killing a Jewish settler, his lawyer said.” No photo was printed by the Star to memorialize Daphna Meir (our photo is below).

Are we really to believe that the Meir and Adais family’s lives are equally “fractured” and both are equally struggling to rebuild their lives? In reality, Mourad Adais’ actions were premeditated and he carried out the cold-blooded murder of an innocent mother in her own home. Adais faces life imprisonment and whether you agree with it or not, his parent’s home will be demolished due to his actions. Adais’ parents can visit their son in an Israeli jail, he can receive an education, food, entertainment, shelter, medical treatment etc. The Palestinian Authority will likely give this terrorist a salary for committing a terror-related offense. Natan Meir on the other hand, forever lost his soulmate and his six children lost the matriarch of their family.

This “news” article goes to great lengths to excuse this act of Palestinian terror and the result leaves the reader incapable of distinguishing the victims and the perpetrators. In the end, the victim (Israel and Israelis) are implicitly blamed for imprisoning a teenager (Adais the terrorist), for “collective punishment”, the “frustration and humiliation of checkpoints, land seizures, raids, military tribunals…” and the building of “illegal” Jewish settlements.

In reality, the blame should be placed squarely on Palestinian leaders who continue to incite their youth towards terrorism and for failing to teach peace and coexistence.

Most certainly, both sides are not equally morally culpable for the bloodshed. Only one side – the Palestinians – are actively initiating the violence. Please write to the Toronto Star and condemn this article which demonized Israel by employing an odious and false moral equivalence. Send letters to:


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