Success! Global News Amends Article Which Falsely Claimed ICJ Said There Is A “Plausible Risk Of Genocide” In Gaza

July 3, 2024

On June 29, Global News published an article by reporter Phil Carpenter entitled: “Pro-Palestinian protesters block CN rail line south of Montreal, four arrested”, which reported on the fringe anti-Israel group ‘the Ad-hoc BDS Direct Action Collective’ who blocked the railroad in St. Bruno, Quebec, located south of Montreal, in protest of Israel.

Within the article, reporter Carpenter falsely stated that: “The top United Nations court has concluded there is a ‘plausible risk of genocide’ in Gaza — a charge Israel strongly denies, telling the court it was doing everything it could to protect the civilian population during its military operation in Gaza. Israel claims the operation in Gaza is focused on destroying Hamas and bringing the remaining hostages home after the Oct. 7 attacks.”

For months, anti-Israel activists have repeated claims that the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in their January interim judgement, stated that there was a “plausible” case of genocide in Gaza. However, in a recent interview on BBC News, Joan Donoghue, the ICJ president when the interim ruling was announced, put to rest those claims, saying it represents a total mischaracterization of the World Court’s ruling. She said that the court made no such statement. Instead, the “court did not decide, and this something where I’m correcting what’s often said by the media, that the claim of genocide was plausible.”

Donoghue has stated explicitly that the ruling did not mean that the court believed it was “plausible” that Israel was committing genocide.

HRC filed a complaint with Global News calling for corrective action and we are pleased to note that the broadcaster upheld our concerns and amended its article and published an editor’s note at the top which states:

Ed. Note — This article has been updated to provide proper attribution to South Africa’s claims of genocide in Gaza.

We thank Global News for taking immediate corrective action.


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