Toronto Star Commentators Whitewash Hamas Terrorism By Demanding An Immediate Ceasefire

November 12, 2023

According to the widely-known maxim that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” when faced with evil, the only appropriate response is to fight it. Ignoring it will only allow it to fester.

But according to some commentators, when faced with evil, the best course of action is apparently to capitulate entirely.

Following the October 7 massacre of innocent Israelis by Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist organization which seeks to violently destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamic State-style theocracy, Israel has rightly targeted Hamas terrorist infrastructure in Gaza, seeking to degrade the group’s ability to torture and murder Israeli civilians.

Tragically, in their November 9 opinion column in The Toronto Star entitled: “Violence against Palestinians will never make Jewish people safe,” IfNotNow Toronto members Jonathan Brown Gilbert, Dahlia Benedikt and Vlada Bilyak took Israel to task for the temerity of defending itself against fanatical terrorists who wish to see it destroyed, and instead call for an immediate ceasefire.

By falsely characterizing Israel’s campaign against Hamas as a “revenge campaign” without any evidence to support that outlandish claim, the trio totally whitewash the mandate and goals of Hamas, and the sobering reality faced by Israel: that the Jewish State has no choice whatsoever but to seek to defeat Hamas. Doing anything less would be handing the terrorist group an enormous victory, effectively ensuring that Hamas’ war against Israel continues indefinitely.

Further on, the authors ludicrously claim that “the ongoing occupation is at the root of this horrific violence,” failing to tell readers that Israel has not occupied Gaza since 2005, when it forcibly removed thousands of Israelis from the small enclave. This assertion is also utterly detached from reality.

According to Hamas, every square inch of Israel constitutes an illegal “occupation,” and consequently, short of destroying itself voluntarily, there is nothing Israel could possibly do which would satisfy the monstrous bloodlust of Hamas. Pretending otherwise is profoundly ignorant at best, and darkly disingenuous at worst.

The trio demand that “a ceasefire must not mean a return to the intolerable status quo that existed before this month,” and in that respect, they are correct.

Before the Hamas attack began with its declaration of war on October 7, the biggest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, the terror group was the undisputed dictatorial power in Gaza, ruling over the strip’s 2.3 million people with extreme cruelty. Even outside of conflict with Israel, Hamas has long siphoned off international humanitarian aid meant for Gaza’s civilians, instead redirecting it towards constructing subterranean terror tunnels and building rockets being fired into Israel.

Clearly, that cannot continue, for the sake of both Israelis and Palestinians. Hamas must be defeated.

Einat Wilf, a former member of Israel’s Knesset, recently laid out a number of potential conditions for a ceasefire, including Hamas’ release of hostages, its full surrender and disarmament, and the abandonment of its violent and tyrannical ideology.

Enough is enough. Hamas must go, and as a recent poll has shown that a majority of Canadians agree.

There is a root cause of the war between Hamas and Israel, and it’s not Israel’s non-existent occupation of the Gaza Strip. In contrast, the root cause is Hamas’ fanatical Islamist ideology and its adamant refusal to halt its genocidal war against the Jewish State.

Calling for a ceasefire without the removal of Hamas, as Brown Gilbert, Benedikt and Bilyak have done in their column, accomplishes nothing in the way of peace, and in fact, virtually guarantees that Hamas’ violence against Israel – and the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza – will continue in perpetuity.


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