CTV News, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, And La Presse Obfuscate The Truth About Palestinian Gunmen

July 25, 2023

UPDATE: Success! We are pleased to note that after issuing our action alert, the Toronto Star has amended its article by removing the word “alleged” from its headline. We thank the Toronto Star for taking immediate action and for making it abundantly clear in their headline that the Palestinian men were terrorist gunmen.


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On July 25, CTV News, The Toronto Star, and The Globe & Mail published an Associated Press article entitled “Israeli military kills three alleged Palestinian gunmen in volatile West Bank” that implicitly cast doubt on whether the Palestinian men killed were actually gunmen or not, by claiming that the attackers were only “alleged” gunmen.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), three Palestinian gunmen were killed after the assailants arrived at the entrance of the Jewish community of Har Bracha and opened fire toward IDF soldiers guarding the gated entrance. In response, the soldiers returned fire and neutralized the terrorists who were in possession of multiple weapons and military equipment.

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The Times of Israel reported that “The military wing of the Hamas terror group later claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the slain gunmen were members.”

Watch the security footage at the entrance of Har Bracha showing the exchange of fire between the Palestinian gunmen and the Israeli soldiers.

For its part, the French newspaper La Presse took it a step further, by failing to disclose in its headline coverage that the three Palestinians who were killed by IDF soldiers were terrorist gunmen.

In a world where the majority of people read only the headlines, it’s imperative that Canadian news outlets strive not just for accuracy, but also work to produce reporting on controversial matters that doesn’t obfuscate what took place.

It’s without dispute that these Palestinian men were terrorist gunmen who initiated hostilities and were the aggressors, and as papers of record for Canadians across the country, these news organizations are duty-bound to make that abundantly clear in their headlines, so as to not mislead and cast doubt about the truth to their readers.


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