CP24 Reporter Acknowledges On-Air That “From The River To The Sea” Chant Is Antisemitic

April 2, 2024

On April 1, CP24 journalist Beatrice Vaisman reported from Toronto Police headquarters after the anti-Israel group, “Palestinian Youth Movement,” an organization with a documented history of spreading anti-Israel hate speech and of glorifying Hamas terrorism, held a press conference alleging that Toronto Police escalated violent actions against protesters during their hate-filled rallies.

During her report, protesters began chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which Vaisman immediately addressed on-air by properly stating as fact that this chant is indeed antisemitic.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, this chant is an unapologetic antisemitic rallying cry for anti-Israel advocates and terror supporters, calling for the destruction of Israel, removal of the Jewish state from the map, and for replacing it with a Palestinian state.

The hateful nature of the phrase and genocidal intent contained within, cannot be disputed, despite the efforts by the pro-Palestinian movement to portray the phrase as an innocuous expression of the Palestinian people’s yearning to be free from Israeli “occupation”.

As Michael Higgins observed in the National Post recently: “Protesters have adopted a phrase that has clear links to terrorists who wish to destroy Israel and its citizens. The phrase, in essence, means “Kill all the Jews.” Demonstrators wouldn’t put it that bluntly, however, because they would be unable to run the excuse of, “Well, we may be chanting Kill all the Jews, but that’s not what we mean.”

We thank CP24 and reporter Beatrice Vaisman for reporting the truth about how the phrase “From The River To The Sea” Chant is indeed antisemitic and we encourage you to say thanks as well.

Thank you emails can be sent directly to CP24 reporter Beatrice Vaisman by CLICKING HERE.


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