Hill Times Commentator Admits UNRWA Is Dedicated To Israel’s Destruction – And Still Demands Funding For It

March 7, 2024

On occasion, anti-Israel activists will ‘say the quiet part out loud,’ and express their true views, unburdened by the need to mask their opinions.

In his February 29 opinion column in The Hill Times, “Minister Hussen needs to reverse his UNRWA decision, or resign, or both,” lawyer Washim Ahmed simultaneously defends UNRWA, the disgraced United Nations agency, as an important humanitarian organization, and calls for Canada to resume funding it, but at one point, also admits that UNRWA supports the destruction of Israel.

“Israel perceives UNRWA as a threat not only because of its core humanitarian role in Gaza, but also due to its steadfast commitment to upholding the Palestinian right of return, a principle Israel considers a challenge to its political goals,” Ahmed writes in his commentary.

The “Palestinian right of return” refers to the influx of millions of Palestinians – many of whom have never stepped foot in Israel – whose ancestors left Israel during the country’s 1948 War of Independence, many at the behest of Arab leaders at the time, who thought the Jewish State would be quickly destroyed, and could soon return.

Today, this “right of return” is a thinly-veiled attempt to eliminate Israel as a Jewish-majority country by importing millions of Palestinians and their descendants, and by conceding that UNRWA has a “steadfast commitment” to this dangerous ideology, Ahmed says the quiet part out loud, namely that UNRWA, far from being a humanitarian organization, is just another group wearing a humanitarian mask while it advocates for the destruction of Israel.

James Lindsay, a former general counsel of UNRWA, has said much the same, accusing the agency of deliberately doing little to assist the plight of Palestinians today as a result of a “political decision” borne out of its ideology, namely the fanatical “Palestinian political thought espoused by those who are intent on a ‘return’ to the land that is now Israel.

Despite this acknowledgement of UNRWA as a hostile political group, Ahmed still attempts to rehabilitate the group’s image in Canada following the federal government’s suspension of funding, writing that Israel had alleged that only “a few” staff of the agency had participated in Hamas’ October 7 massacres, far outweighed by the group’s “indispensable role.”

Although Ahmed does not share these details with readers, UNRWA’s ties to Palestinian extremism go far deeper than October 7.

Israel argues that as many as one-tenth of UNRWA’s Gaza-based staff are affiliated with Palestinian terror groups like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the group’s ‘educational’ materials for Palestinian schoolchildren are dripping with hatred, intolerance and incitement to violence towards Israel.

Perhaps most scandalously, in early February, Israel released footage showing a Hamas data centre directly underneath UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza, making it extraordinarily unlikely for UNRWA to be ignorant. But rather than addressing these charges, Ahmed simply ignores them altogether, as if pretending they do not exist, and thus, do not need to be challenged.

There are many ways to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. In fact, over the last five months, tens of thousands of trucks filled with such aid – in addition to air drops – have been delivered to Gaza. UNRWA is not necessary.

UNRWA is not a friend to the Palestinians, nor anyone else. It is a bloated, self-serving organization with extensive ties to terrorism, keeping Palestinians in a state of suspended animation due to its extremist ideology.

When tax dollars fund UNRWA, they effectively fund terrorism, and Hamas’ genocidal war crimes. Washim Ahmed’s commentary defends an indefensible agency, despite acknowledging that UNRWA is committed to Israel’s destruction, still argues Canadian tax dollars should be spent in support of that heinous ideology.

Click here to write your letter to The Hill Times, telling them that UNRWA is dedicated to Israel’s destruction, and ALL funding should be permanently suspended.


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