CTV National News Ignores How Israeli Strike On Rafah Targeted Hamas Commanders & Came After Rocket Attacks, HRC Calls On CBSC To Compel Corrective Action

On May 27, CTV National News broadcast a report by Colton Praill which it described as follows: “Israel is facing new condemnation after a deadly strike in the southern Gaza city of Rafah that has left dozens dead. Colton Praill reports.”

Mr. Praill reported about a “deadly Israeli strike on an encampment near Rafah” and reported that Israel’s prime minister told parliament that the airstrike was a tragic mistake and had launched an investigation. CTV reported that the Hamas-run health authority says that at least 45 Palestinians were killed and over 200 people were injured.

Untold by CTV National News, Israel says it carried out its airstrike after conducting intelligence and having used precise munitions (2 small explosives, each 17kg) to target two senior Hamas terrorists, Yasin Rabia and Khaled Nagar, who were both killed. The attack also came after Hamas launched close to a dozen rockets at central Israel, a fact that Mr. Praill and CTV ignored.

In sharp contrast, CBC National’s report by journalist Tom Parry said: “Israel says its strike was aimed at and killed a pair of senior Hamas officials and came after the group launched rockets in Israel,” (footage of the Hamas rocket attacks was shown to CBC viewers).

Then, CBC News quoted a spokesperson from the Israeli prime minister’s office saying: “Last night, the IDF targeted two Hamas commanders in Rafah, whose hands were drenched in Israeli blood.”

On CBC World Tonight on May 27, reporter Tom Parry stated that Israel said that the “operation came after Hamas launched rockets into Israel” and which also featuring a quote from the Israeli prime minister’s office saying that the two Hamas operatives had blood on their hands.

On CBC As It Happens on May 27, CBC Host Nil Koksal brought context to this issue by stating that: “Israel says this attack was based on quote ‘precise intelligence,’ that they were looking for Hamas and they got two members of Hamas, the chief of staff for the West Bank for Hamas and another official they say is behind attacks on Israelis. We know that there was renewed rocket fire from Rafah into Israel earlier in the day…”

It goes without saying that it is a tragedy that innocents were killed and harmed, but CTV National News failed to give any context to its viewers about how and why Israel carried out this airstrike, who it targeted, and the security threats it faced recently.

At present, Israel’s investigation is continuing with the IDF looking into the possibility that Hamas munitions may have been in the area causing secondary explosions which may have ignited the fire. Israel has also released an intercepted phone call where Gazans acknowledge that Israel wasn’t to blame. They said in Arabic: “It was an ammunition warehouse…the Jewish bombing wasn’t strong. It was a small missile.”

Accordingly, we are of the view that CTV National News must work to set the record straight and we have called on the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) to conduct an investigation and to compel corrective action.

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