CityNews Toronto Reporter Ignores Pervasive Violence At Anti-Israel Rallies

In her April 1 broadcast for CityNews Toronto entitled: “Pro-Palestinian protesters call for investigation into alleged police brutality,” reporter Faiza Amin reported on calls for an independent investigation into police conduct at a March 31 anti-Israel demonstration in downtown Toronto, telling viewers that protest organizers allege that police showed up in unprecedented numbers and released full-scale police brutality on the hapless demonstrators.

While Amin did briefly relay the Toronto Police’s response, she devoted the rest of the airtime to the complaints of the protestors and to giving their organizations an undue platform.

Videos of the event show a volatile crowd ready for action who were provocative and rude to the officers at the event. As Jason Tomlinson, Director of the Uniform Field-Toronto Police Association put it: “These protestors are not there to spread their message but to bait our officers into altercation.”

Amin gave no context that, even after nearly six months of violent protests, police have made only a small handful of arrests.

She then offered a platform to Guy Tsubar, from the organization “Jews say no to Genocide” – a regular presence at anti-Israel rallies – to further accuse the police of having planned in advance to attack protestors. Amin did not query this radical accusation at all. On the contrary, she continued to allow another protester, Beverly Bain of the “No Pride in Policing Coalition” to accuse police of “a further escalation of the powers of the police to do whatever it sees fit in order to crush any kind of uprising”.

This is an extreme and unsubstantiated claim that Amin nods along to as Bain made her comments.

Amin then gave a platform to Dalia Awwad from the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) to defend the right to protest – as if it had been threatened.

Allowing the Palestinian Youth Movement screen time and legitimacy is particularly problematic due to their explicit praise for Hamas terrorism, made only hours after Hamas’ unprecedented October 7 massacres in Israel. Even before Israel’s counter-terrorism operations began in Gaza, the group was organizing rallies demanding an end to “genocide” in Gaza. Amin did not enlighten viewers as to the group’s Hamas sympathies.

Throughout the report framing anti-Israel protesters as victims of alleged police brutality, Amin did not present viewers with any larger context about the often violent efforts by such demonstrators around the world. In Canada and the United States, they have blocked roads, protested at hospitals and synagogues, harassed Christmas shoppers, threatened violence and even assaulted others.

Despite the heinous actions of anti-Israel protesters, there is a widespread attempt at rehabilitating their image by some news media outlets.

The attempt by violent anti-Israel protesters to invert reality by presenting themselves as victims of police brutality, when in reality they are adults who are facing consequences for their own irresponsible actions, was allowed to stand largely unchallenged in Amin’s news segment.

But Amin’s report, while disappointing, is hardly surprising, as it mirrors much of the narrative around the Hamas-Israel war that obscures Hamas’ responsibility for instigating it on October 7 and perpetuating it by keeping 130 innocent Israeli hostages captive. Amin is complicit in offering these same extremist activists a platform.

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