CBC Corrects: Israel Annexed East Jerusalem Only, Settlements Not "Foremost" Obstacle to Peace

August 15, 2013

Yesterday, CBC News.ca wrongly reported the following statement:

“CBC’s Mideast correspondent, Sasa Petricic, has been reporting on the talks from Jerusalem.

“Nobody here really expects any kind of a major breakthrough … because of certain stumbling blocks,” foremost the settlement issue.”

While Jewish settlements constitute an issue that needs to be resolved in final status negotiations, they are not the “foremost” stumbling block. Palestinians in the past have claimed that they were a main sticking point, but they have since dropped their precondition that settlement building cease prior to the resumption of peace talks. Additionally, there are a myriad of issues that have plagued Mideast peace, including but not limited to discussions about the 1967 lines, refugees, accepting Israel as a Jewish state, security, water, etc.

HonestReporting Canada communicated these concerns to the CBC who amended this report which now states that settlements are just an outstanding issue, but are not the “foremost” impediment to peace.

Yesterday’s correction follows a similar complaint sent by HRC to CBC on August 8 in which CBC News Anchor Andrew Nichols incorrectly stated the following:

“In other news, the U.S. State Department announced this afternoon that Israeli-Palestinian peace talks will resume a week from today. The next meeting will be in Jerusalem on August 14, the main sticking point continues to be the expansion of Jewish settlements in the west bank.”

HonestReporting Canada had called on the CBC to take corrective action to set the record straight. Following our complaint Jack Nagler, the CBC’s Director of Journalistic Public Accountability and Engagement, acknowledged and agreed with our concerns finding that CBC used “imprecise language” and had made this statement without attribution. The CBC also reminded its journalists to report on the other obstacles in Mideast peacemaking.

Also, this same CBC.ca report falsely asserted that: “The Palestinians want a state in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, lands Israel captured and annexed after the 1967 war.

Israel has only annexed east Jerusalem, not the west bank and Gaza and Israel disengaged from Gaza in 2005 removing all settlements, soldiers, and 8,500 settlers. Israel no longer has a presence in the Strip.

Following an HRC complaint, CBC issued the following correction, yesterday:


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