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Worth Watching: CBC Interviews Isaac Herzog

by Mike Fegelman

Cbcnews_2CBC‘s Adrienne Arsenault interviewed Israeli tourism minister Isaac Herzog, a "Labour dove" and member of Israel’s security cabinet, yesterday. An excerpt:

"We are willing to go as far as somebody can imagine for peace, but at the end, we owe a duty to our people to defend them… We are doing our best, really our best. We’ve instructed the military to be as cautious and as focused as possible, and if they have the slightest hesitation, if there are civilians, not to carry on the operation. However, there are tragedies. We hate it. We don’t want it. We’d love this war not to have occurred or be forced on us, but this is the situation. A villain, vicious force has been trying to lead this region to a bloodbath, and we are changing the pattern forever so they won’t be able to do it again."

Click the image below to watch the interview.




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