Worth Reading: John Greyson, The Man Syria Needs and Gaza Doesn’t

September 11, 2013

Blogger Diane Bederman comments in Huffington Post Canada on the incarceration in Egypt of outspoken Canadian BDS activist John Greyson. Greyson was incarcerated as he attempted to make his way from Egypt to Gaza. Bederman points out that aid and safe transit to Gaza is through Israel, not Egypt, as Egypt has barricaded the border, bulldozed Egyptian homes in order to develop a partition with a moat between Gaza and Egypt, and destroyed almost all the tunnels connecting Egypt to Gaza.

Bederman further points out: “I suggest that Professor Greyson elevated political correctness to the level of idol worship because of his need to see the world through the lens of moral relativism. That led him to Gaza where he is not needed, rather than Syria where he is. Where he could give first hand reportage of the horror taking place there. Instead he is so locked into the Palestinian propaganda, the story of the victimization of the Gazans by Israel, that he went to a war zone and is now in jail — and I’m guessing it isn’t pretty”. 

All in the name of a fool’s errand.


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