Worth Reading: Canadian Jewish News Article “How Canadian Journalists Cover Israel”

August 9, 2016

Check out the following article published in the Canadian Jews News this week on “How Canadian journalists cover Israel” with comments made by reporters from the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and the CBC, all who discuss media criticism and the challenge of getting the story right.

Of interest, Patrick Martin, former Mideast bureau chief at the Globe and Mail, acknowledges that he’s not much of a fan for journalistic “balance” or of media monitoring groups like HonestReporting Canada (surprise!), he believes (his opinion) is that there was “tremendous exaggeration” by Israel of the damage rockets can do. These are the words of a reporter who is duty bound to keep his personal opinions to himself who claims Israel is stretching the truth when it comes to the dangers of thousands of rockets fired at Israeli civilians.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Dvorkin (formerly of National Public Radio) believes media monitoring groups area kind of “new McCarthyism”.

Not surprisingly, the lion share of the journalists apply rose-tinted glasses by painting their work as being honest, balanced, fair and accurate.


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