Winnipeg Sun Publishes Letter Claiming October 7 Massacres Were “A False Flag Operation” By Israel

April 3, 2024

In what represents a significant lapse in editorial judgment, on April 2, The Winnipeg Sun published a letter to the editor which made unhinged anti-Israel conspiracy theories.

In the letter entitled: “Winnipeg Sun choose sides,” writer Glenn Holms alleged that the newspaper “is in full support of the Israel Mossad,” though he does not point out the basis for his curious accusation.

Before long, Holms launched into a conspiracy theory-laden screed, lambasting those who he claims “thinks it’s OK to slaughter thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinians because a small terrorist group reportedly killed just over a thousand.”

Aside from Holms’ gullible regurgitation of unverified and highly unreliable Hamas propaganda figures, his inclusion of the word ‘reportedly’ alongside mention of Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel makes clear that he is alleging that Hamas, the genocidal terrorist organization committed to Israel’s destruction, is apparently innocent.

But readers do not have to guess as to Holm’s true feelings; he soon articulates them explicitly.

 “This reeks of a false flag operation. Israel has the most protected border walls in the world and the most sophisticated surveillance and intelligence system as well and we’re supposed to believe that a small handful of Hamas somehow circumvented all those safeguards and caused mayhem? Do you not think that it’s within the realm of possibility that Israel either allowed it, encouraged it or maybe those “Hamas terrorists” were really Mossad agents to gain sympathy from the world and then fulfilling their dream of obliterating Palestine and its people in order to have it all become Israel,” Holms wrote.

Despite Holms’ accusation that Israel, not Hamas, is responsible for the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, there is not one iota of evidence to suggest such ridiculous claims.

Hamas proudly takes responsibility for the October 7 massacres, and as its leaders have made crystal clear since then, the Islamic terrorist group plans to commit more such mass murders, if given the opportunity to do so.

Whether by inability or conscious refusal, and in spite of the mountain of incontrovertible proof, including from Hamas, that the group was responsible for October 7, Holms remains fixed in his own world.

Incredibly, The Winnipeg Sun saw Holms’ letter as fitting to be published. While news media outlets should reflect a wide variety of opinions, including in their opinion pages, Holms’ letter was beyond the pale. Would The Winnipeg Sun have printed a letter claiming that the September 11 attacks were an inside job, or that the Holocaust was a conspiracy?

In its ‘response’ to Holms’ letter printed below the submission, the Winnipeg Sun did challenge Holms’ letter, saying that “To suggest that the Oct. 7 attacks somehow didn’t happen or is in some way the work of Israeli intelligence is to ignore the deaths of 1,200 Israeli citizens, many simply enjoying a music festival, and the 250 taken hostage.”

Nevertheless, Holms’ letter is not simply a critique of Israeli policy, or even an expression of baseless accusations of genocide (though he does much such a claim), but a hateful expression which seeks to convince readers of The Winnipeg Sun not to believe the undeniable facts that are in front of them, namely that Hamas committed the October 7 atrocities, is proud of their massacre, and has promised to do it again and again.

In short, Glenn Holms’ letter claiming Hamas’ October 7 massacres were “a false flag operation” by Israel was not worthy of publication by a respected newspaper like the Winnipeg Sun.

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