Winnipeg Free Press and National Post Editorials Slam Pro-Hamas Flotilla

Today’s editions of the National Post and Winnipeg Free Press published scathing commentaries taking the pro-Hamas flotilla to task.

The Free Press editorial reminds us that the protestors are: "… not so much pro-Palestinian, or concerned about the plight of the people in Gaza, as they are anti-Israel. The door is open to providing aid to Gaza. Truly concerned Canadians would use it, instead of seeking confrontation with Israel."

The Post editorial comments that: "The real intention of the flotilla is to break the blockade and end Hamas’ political isolation. There can be only one reason why anyone would consider such an outcome desirable: The absence of a blockade would allow the free passage of arms to the terror-embracing Hamas government, which has frequently demonstrated its goal of ending Israel’s existence as a nation."

Please take a moment to commend the Post and the Free Press for publishing these refreshing commentaries that appropriately slammed the pro-Hamas flotilla.

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