Why The "Canadian Boat To Gaza" Has Nothing To Do With Humanitarian Aid

June 20, 2011

As the Canadian Boat to Gaza sets sail in what its organizers call a “symbolic journey to draw the world’s attention to Gaza”, media attention should rightly be drawn to the region. Not to highlight the humanitarian crisis –  there is none – but to understand the casus belli – the reason for the blockade and the nature of the regime in Gaza.

The media would do well to remind us that since 2007, Gaza has been ruled by Hamas which is a designated terror group under Canadian law. Since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, in what was supposed to be a Land for Peace exchange, Israeli citizens have suffered from unrelenting rocket and terror attacks. Prior to the withdrawal, those protesting against Israel’s “occupation” of Gaza insisted that the “occupation” was at the root of all terrorism. This was proven false and yet this type of thinking still informs much of the logic of the Flotilla-ists who now believe the blockade is the root of all enmity. Not so. The root of all enmity is Hamas’ insistence on perpetrating genocide on the people of Israel and Jews “wherever we find them” (see Hamas’ own covenant which doesn’t mince words about their intentions).

In an effort to put a wrench in those plans, Israel has imposed the most benign measure of defending one’s territory: the maritime blockade. Instead of actively dismantling and defeating Hamas in the way that the U.S. has been actively dismantling and defeating Al Queda, Israel has simply attempted to prevent Hamas’ rearmament. Food, medicine and other goods reach Gaza through five safe and legal crossing points in Israel, not from ships having left ports in Iran.

Against this internationally recognized legal measure designed to save the lives of Israelis and Palestinians living inside Israel’s borders, the Flotilla-ists are protesting. In an inversion of moral principles, it seems that for the flotilla-ists, humanitarianism consists of allowing murderous regimes full genocidal expression. Fortunately, such distorted thinkers comprise a minority and so it is that under Canadian law, Hamas is a designated terror group. Since it is illegal to help or support a terrorist group, the Canadian participants of the flotilla are not simply protesting, they are aiding and abetting an illegal terror entity.

Gaza does have a crisis. It is governed by a genocidal, anti-democratic, anti-Western regime which kills its own people and is set on annihilating Jews if given the chance. The crisis is exacerbated by flotillia-sts, willingly or unwittingly, who undermine the security measures imposed by Israel and instead, aid and abet this regime.

Inexplicably, these protesters are going to sail right past Syria where thousands are being detained, raped, tortured and murdered. It is not too late to redirect the ship to Syria to effect real humanitarian aid. The problem is, it was never a humanitarian mission to begin with.

For more information, see the Canada-Israel Committee’s micro-site: "The Canadian Boat to Gaza: A Dangerous Political Stunt"


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