What You Won’t Read in the Mainstream Media: Rock Attacks Terrorize West Bank Drivers

December 27, 2012

Ynet News reports a recent surge of violence in the West Bank, with drivers and passengers reporting being attacked by rocks and firebombs on a daily basis. 

Most notable is a stretch of Highway 60 that crosses the disputed territory. Only last week three Israelis were injured while traveling down the road, including an IDF officer who required head surgery as result. The latest incident, which left one Israeli lightly hurt, occurred on Monday.

“Driving down the road is like playing roulette,” David Brill, a resident of Gush Etzion, told Ynet. “Kids who pass by the road pick up rocks and throw them at you. Some residents avoid driving near the villages, taking long detours instead.

“It’s important to understand that these rocks can kill, if not directly then by causing a driver to lose control and crash into oncoming traffic,” he added.

Cue the media silence.


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