Israel Intercepts 16 Tonnes Of Dangerous Rocket-Making Materials Destined For Gaza, Validating The Need For Blockade Of Hamas-Controlled Strip

In mid-September, Israeli customs authorities announced that, two months prior, they had seized 16 tonnes of ammonium chloride, originating from Turkey and on their way to the Gaza Strip. The chemical is a critical component in manufacturing rockets, and Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group which rules over Gaza, has fired thousands of rockets into Israel […]

Israel Announces Major Investments In Arab Sector – Where’s The Media Coverage?

More than two million Arabs live in Israel alongside its Jewish majority, but despite enjoying equal rights with their Jewish peers, Israeli Arabs earn lower wages and are beset by communal violence in many Arab towns. To help address these shortcomings, the Israeli government recently announced a major investment totaling close to $1.1 billion dollars […]