Hamas’ Theft Of Humanitarian Aid Caught On Camera – Will The News Media Care?

Hamas’ theft of international humanitarian aid meant for Palestinian civilians is an open secret in Gaza. The group’s tunnels, built by concrete meant for Gaza’s infrastructure, is the most notable example of how the terrorist organization has put its own violent goals ahead of its people’s needs. And now, incredible footage purportedly showing Hamas terrorists […]

Recent Israeli Hostage & Palestinian Prisoner Release A Reminder Of Hamas’ Ugly Face

The recent pause in fighting between Hamas and Israel, where Hamas released approximately 105 hostages, Israelis and foreign nationals alike, kidnapped by the terror group, in exchange for Israel releasing hundreds of Palestinian prisoners from jail, is not an equal trade. One group are innocent hostages, while the others are prisoners, many of whom for […]

Hamas Committed Rape & Sexual Assault On October 7: Rape Is Not Resistance!

Hamas’ October 7 massacre in Israel included torture, murder, the kidnapping of hundreds of innocent people, and even the post-mortem desecration of bodies. It also included rape and sexual assault of female victims, though this has received far less attention by the news media. In fact, some ghoulish anti-Israel detractors even claimed the rapes never […]

When Will The Media Shine A Critical Light On Campus Antisemitism?

Since Hamas’ murderous terrorist attack on October 7 that killed 1,200 people, antisemitic attacks have exploded across the world, including on college and university campuses. Anti-Israel student groups and professors have praised Hamas, and Jewish students have experienced harassment, intimidation and even physical assault. Colleges and universities are supposed to be places of higher learning, […]