Watch: How the Media (Mis)Reports Palestinian Casualty Numbers

October 3, 2021

In every conflict between Israel and Hamas, the world media tallies up death tolls and Israel is invariably accused of a “disproportionate response” by journalists, critics in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and by the United Nations.

But when looking at the actual casualty figures, it becomes quickly apparent that, far from being a “disproportionate response,” the number of Palestinians injured or killed is actually significantly less dramatic than the news coverage would suggest, especially in comparison to worldwide deaths due to conflict. Even more so, when you look at the breakdown of casualties, there’s almost a 1:1 ratio of combatant to civilian casualties, which explains why Israel has an earned moniker for being the most moral army in the world.

In our latest video, learn how the media (mis)reports Palestinian casualty numbers to tarnish Israel’s reputation.


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