VIDEO: CTV News’ Continued Unfair and One-Sided Depiction of Gaza Riots

We reported last week how CTV News recently featured an interview with Michael Lynk, the U.N. Special Rapporteur tasked with investigating alleged Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, giving this notorious anti-Israel detractor a platform to spread disinformation.

Continuing this trend, on May 5, CTV featured an interview with Mira Sucharov, a Carleton University professor (and Haaretz contributor) who is an ardent critic of Israeli policies. (It goes without saying that professor Sucharov is entitled to her views).

This interview was slanted, lacked context and crucial details and provided an unfair and one-sided depiction of the Gaza riots.

Watch the interview by clicking here or below.

CTV’s host introduced the interview by stating that six Palestinians had been killed in an explosion. Untold by CTV, but which was reported by the BBC, is that these individuals were all members of the Hamas terror group and that the IDF denied any involvement in the explosion. It appears to be another “work accident,” wherein explosives destined to be used against Israeli targets, prematurely exploded killing the Palestinian terrorists.

CTV’s interview focused on how this week’s protests saw over 1,000 Palestinians injured and how Gaza is suffering from a “humanitarian crisis”.

  • Untold by CTV is how the Israeli and Egyptian blockade of Gaza is in accordance with international law and is in place to prevent Hamas from arming itself to carry out terror attacks on innocent Israelis
  • Untold by CTV is how those advocating the “right of return” seek Israel’s destruction by flooding millions of Palestinians into the Jewish state, thereby replacing it with another Arab-majority state. This is what the “March of Return” is all about – Israel’s annihilation.
  • Untold by CTV is how of the 40 mostly young Palestinians who were killed in the rioting, most of the Palestinians killed were terrorist operatives or individuals affiliated with terrorist organizations. The interim findings of the highly reputable Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre (ITIC) revealed that 32 of the 40 Palestinians killed (80%) were terrorist operatives or individuals affiliated with them
  • CTV’s anchor seemingly downplayed the intentions of the Palestinians as not wanting to engage in violence, but highlighted that there’s “so much violence” from the Israel Defense Forces who used live fire. No mention was made of how Palestinians used AK-47’s, threw petrol bombs, grenades, and molotov cocktails, used kite bombs and other incendiaries, through rocks and tried to break the fence and infiltrate into Israel. Some, in fact, succeeded. Had thousands of Palestinians brazenly entered into Israel through infiltration attempts, Israeli civilians could have been massacred
  • Untold by CTV is that the humanitarian crisis of Gaza is due largely to the mismanagement of the Palestinian public purse and infrastructure by Hamas who runs the terror statelet
  • Untold by CTV is that Palestinian President Abbas had dramatically reduced payments to Israel for Gaza electricity — effectively slashing the supply — in a bid to pressure Hamas to loosen its grip on Gaza
  • Untold by CTV is how Hamas siphons millions of dollars from taxes and international aid money that could build new sewage treatment plants, desalination facilities and to create jobs and stimulate the depressed Gaza economy. Instead, Hamas uses these funds to build terror attack-tunnels and to produce thousands of rockets

In the interview, Professor Sucharov claimed that there’s a de facto Israeli “occupation” of Gaza, despite there being no Israeli military or civilian presence in the Palestinian territory as Israel disengaged from Gaza in 2005.

CTV anchors are duty bound to ask hard questions and to provide a balanced perspective about controversial issues. Regrettably, this CTV interview was unfair, one-sided, and omitted mentioning important information and context about Israel’s security concerns and perspectives.

What You Can Do To Make A Difference:

HonestReporting Canada encourages you to file a complaint with CTV News President Wendy Freeman. Please refer to CTV’s continued one-sided depiction of the Gaza riots and refer to CTV News’ May 5 interview with Carleton University Professor Mira Sucharov. Call on CTV to take remedial action to set the record straight. Please call upon CTV News to feature a future interview which explores Israel’s security concerns and perspectives. Send emails to:


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