VIDEO: CTV Gives Platform to UN Palestine Rapporteur Michael Lynk to Spread Disinformation

April 30, 2018

On April 28, CTV News featured an interview with Michael Lynk, the U.N. Special Rapporteur tasked with investigating alleged Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, giving this notorious anti-Israel detractor a platform to spread disinformation.

Watch the interview in full by clicking here or on the image below:

Lynk’s animus towards Israel is well known. Despite him being duty bound to be impartial and objective as a UN observer, Lynk has a long history and involvement in anti-Israel advocacy in Canada and abroad, though CTV News did not disclose this. As noted by CIJA and UN Watch, Lynk (A Canadian law professor who conducted the interview from London, Ontario) has signed anti-Israel petitions, called for Israel to be prosecuted for “war crimes”, accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing”, addressed“one-state” solution conferences (which call for the end of Israel), and was a member of a group which promotes Israeli Apartheid Week.

Lynk’s anti-Israel efforts are inline with the United Nation’s systemic prejudice against the Jewish State. A world-body requiring much needed reform.

In his interview with CTV News, Lynk said the following which went unchallenge by CTV’s Anchor:

  • Lynk claimed that most Palestinians were “unarmed”. In so doing, Lynk downplayed the danger Israel faced from the violent riots and terror attacks.
  • Lynk fundamentally ignored Hamas’ role in financing, organizing and inciting the riots. Lynk ignored Hamas’ role in dispatching and arming terrorists under the cover of protest, and sending children to the front lines, all bona fide war crimes, crimes against humanity and violations of the Geneva Conventions.
  • Lynk implied that Israel committed war crimes by intentionally firing at civilians in “violation of international law”
  • Lynk defended the so-called Palestinian “right of return” which is a Palestinian term that would see the Jewish State destroyed demographically and turned into another Arab-majority state.
  • Lynk spoke about bad living conditions that Palestinians live in, but again, he ignored the role that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have in overseeing infrastructure, health care and employment.

As Lynk spoke throughout the interview, CTV included background footage of Palestinians protesting and rioting, and of Palestinian casualties, but did not show any imagery showing actual terror attacks employed by Palestinians. Amazingly, not only was Hamas not mentioned in the interview, its presence was never shown!

In short, CTV News’ anchor lobbed softball questions to Lynk who relished in being given a platform to tarnish Israel’s reputation. CTV’s anchor should have pressed the UN Rapporteur on the role that Hamas had in orchestrating these violent riots and terror attacks and CTV should have explored the dangers Israel faced should thousands of Palestinians had breached the fence with the intent on massacring neighbouring Israeli civilians.

What You Can Do To Make A Difference:

HonestReporting Canada encourages you to file a complaint with CTV News President Wendy Freeman. Please refer to CTV’s unfair and biased April 28 interview with Michael Lynk and call on CTV to take remedial action to set the record straight. Please call upon CTV News to feature a future interview which explores Israel’s security concerns. Send emails to:


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