HRC Webinar: Intersectionality and Anti-Israel Propaganda

March 2, 2021

Intersectionality explores how different types of oppression interact while examining how social categories such as gender, class, and race overlap in people’s lives. While the intersectionality construct can help understand many types of social injustices, its application to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict serves to delegitimize Israel, to alienate the Jewish people from the progressive milieu, and to protract the conflict.

To help unpack intersectionality, HonestReporting Canada was thrilled to feature Hen Mazzig as our keynote speaker for our Insider Briefing webinar on Sunday March 21. A prominent Israeli writer, international speaker and social media activist, Hen is a senior fellow at the Tel Aviv Institute and he explained how intersectionality is being exploited by Israel’s detractors to sow discord.

Watch our webinar now:


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