CTV Ignores Calls for Israel’s Destruction at Protest at Israeli Consulate

Today, CTV News Toronto published a biased and one-sided report about an anti-Israel protest at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto.

Glaringly, CTV failed to tell its viewers that these protestors chanted “Israel will fall” and “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” – a clear and unambiguous call for Israel’s destruction and the implicit genocide of Jews.

CTV’s article by Miriam Katawazi led with a provocative photo accusing Israel of “ethnic cleansing.”

Katawazi referred to the “ongoing violence in East Jerusalem that’s left hundreds of Palestinians injured,” but failed to mention that thousands of Muslims rioted in Jerusalem and threw stones, molotov cocktails, etc. and that over 150 rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians.

With respect to the real estate dispute in Sheikh Jarrah, Katawazi raised the specter that Israel may be committing “war crimes,” and that it has been accused of being an “apartheid” state. Importantly, she fails to tell CTV readers that the six Palestinian families who lived in the Jewish-owned homes were squatters who didn’t pay rent to their landlord, hence they received eviction notices. Also untold is how the Hamas terror group and the Palestinian Authority have seized on this dispute to incite hatred and violence.

CTV’s reporter quoted Hammam Farah, a board member with the Palestinian Canadian Community Centre, who called for sanctions to be placed on Israel. No pro-Israel sources were featured to rebut any of the stated allegations or to provide context about the Israeli perspective.

CTV has a duty to produce fair, accurate and balanced reporting, not biased one-sided coverage of anti-Israel protests. Miriam Katawazi’s May 10 article did not adhere to CTV’s editorial standards and policies. Send your complaints directly to CTV at: newsonline@ctv.ca. Please also communicate your concerns directly to reporter Miriam Katawazi on Twitter.


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