CBC Reporter Ignores How Hamas Uses Cement to Build Terror-Attack Tunnels

In a live hit today for CBC TV in Gaza, Margaret Evans, the CBC’s former Middle East bureau chief, described Gaza as “the world’s largest outdoor prison” because of the Israeli-Egyptian blockade, claiming that Israeli restrictions impede the delivery of cement to Gaza.

For some reason, it didn’t dawn on Ms. Evans to report how Hamas uses cement to build terror attack tunnels, a vast amount which Israel recently destroyed and which are also used to store thousands of rockets.

This statement was delivered in the context of background footage CBC used in Gaza showing destroyed buildings and rubble, and a discussion of international aid and support for rebuilding.

Amazingly, as the live hit proceeded, Evans referred to the tunnels, but in the context of the bodies of nine dead Palestinian “militants” who were pulled from the tunnels that had been struck by Israel.

There was no connecting the dots between transferring cement to Gaza and tunnel construction by Hamas.

Also, on CBC The National on May 20, Margaret Evans’ report on the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel saw her cavalierly disregard the psychological trauma of Israelis under the brunt of Hamas rocket fire. She said: “Ashdod is in the line of fire for rockets launched from Gaza, the people here are used to it and it shows.”

Her report then talked about Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense interceptor which has a 90% success rate and then commented that “the people of Gaza have no such defenses.”

Again, Ms. Evans can’t seem to connect the dots about how Hamas doesn’t build bomb shelters and missile interceptors because it uses civilians as human shields, invests in terror rockets and doesn’t care about the lives of Palestinian civilians.

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