CBC National Claims Palestinian Rocket Fire Came “In Return” to Israeli Airstrikes

On the May 11 broadcast of CBC The National, former Middle East reporter Saša Petricic reversed the chronology of recent hostilities between Israel and Palestinian terrorists by claiming that Palestinian rocket fire came “in return” to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Watch the report by clicking here or below:

Petricic introduced his report by saying:

Gaza burned and billowed as Israeli airstrikes hit cars, factories and homes in the Palestinian territory. In return, hundreds of rockets fired by Palestinian Hamas militants streaked out toward Israel.”

Our public broadcaster’s flagship program, funded by Canadian tax dollars, inverted the chronology of hostilities by implicitly framing Israel as the aggressor which targeted Palestinian “cars, factories and homes” and Hamas as the victim who merely returned fire in self defense.

CBC’s report ignored how in the 24 hours prior, several hundred rockets were fired at Israeli civilians, which as of this writing has killed 5 people in Israel, including a 7-year-old child and wounded dozens, many seriously. To date, it’s believed that close to 1,000 rockets have been fired at Israel throughout these hostilities.

Petricic’s report concluded by quoting a Hamas representative claiming they are acting in self defense:

For CBC to implicitly present a narrative that Israel is the aggressor which targeted civilian Palestinian infrastructure which necessitated Hamas to retaliate in self defense is beyond the pale. Send your complaints to CBC The National now and refer to Sasa Petricic’s May 11 report on CBC The National.


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