CBC Anchor Fails to Challenge Falsehood that Israel Doesn’t Allow Palestinians To Have Bomb Shelters

On May 17, CBC Anchor Andrew Nichols conducted an interview with Rima Aburahma, a resident of Gaza City, who uttered two blatant falsehoods that the CBC’s host failed to challenge.

Watch the interview by clicking here or below:

1) Ms. Aburahma claimed that Israel doesn’t allow Gazans to have bomb shelters. There’s no substance to this allegation. There are no Israeli restrictions for Palestinians to have bomb shelters. The truth is that Hamas doesn’t build bomb shelters for Gazans because they use funds for terror purposes instead of safeguarding its populace.

2) Ms. Aburahma claimed that Israel “occupies” Gaza. In fact, Israel disengaged its soldiers, destroyed its 21 settlements and removed its 8,500 settlers in 2005. There’s no Israeli presence inside Gaza except for two Israelis who have been held hostage by Hamas and the remains of deceased IDF soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul.

HRC has notified CBC editors of their journalist’s shortcomings to ensure that when blatant falsehoods are stated on-air, that they are challenged. We are appreciative that CBC has been receptive to our concerns.


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