Under Media's Radar: Christians Barred From Mecca

February 20, 2007

Fdesouza_1 Writing in the National Post, Father Raymond J. Desouza (pictured) noted an interesting twist on the Mecca summit that slipped under the media radar:

"Media reports were remarkably silent on the question of holding the Palestinian summit in a city where Palestinian Christians — a small minority, but historically active in Palestinian leadership — are barred by law. Perhaps a waiver was given to allow non-Muslims to temporarily enter, perhaps not… In two weeks of heavy media coverage, I have not seen the issue addressed.

Mecca is an odd choice for a summit site, because non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medinah. There are checkpoints on the highways into the holy cities, at which non-Muslim motorists who may have missed the ‘Muslims Only’ signs are advised not to go any further."


Caption: A highway sign in Saudi Arabia on the road to Mecca.


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