UN Hypocrisy

October 14, 2009

Up to 40 Arab, Muslim and other states hostile to Israel plan to hijack a routine United Nations meeting on the Middle-East today in order to debate Israel’s “war crimes” during its recent defensive operation in Gaza. Israel’s enemies will use the biased and discredited UN Goldstone Report to push for prosecutions against members of the IDF and Israeli politicians. Israel’s foes, mostly Arab and Muslim states, are notorious for using what is called their “automatic majority” at the United Nations to usurp meetings and push for sanctions against the Jewish State. In a classic case of psychological projection, the UN’s worst war criminals and human rights violators will be at the forefront pushing for prosecution of the Jewish State while the United Nations remains silent on their atrocious war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Read more in today’s article of the day: “Israel’s Foes Push UN Agenda

Click here to listen to full audio of the meetings on United Nations Radio 


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