Two HRC Subscribers Published In The Hamilton Spectator Rebutting Gwynne Dyer Oped

July 2, 2024

On June 28, HRC subscribers Cheri Elson and Preston Thom were both published in The Hamilton Spectator after HonestReporting Canada published an alert regarding a Gwynne Dyer oped where Dyer called Israel “the tail that wags the American dog,” in a scandalous, utterly groundless accusation and unhinged conspiracy theory.

Elson rebutted Dyer stating his column was not only repugnant but is just a modern-day iteration of the historic lie parroted by antisemites that the Jews control the levers of world power. For his part, Thom questions why The Hamilton Spectator ever decided to publish an oped that is not only untrue but full of conspiracy theories.

Gwynne Dyer column ‘repugnant’

In his June 20 column, Gwynne Dyer — a habitual anti-Israel antagonist — made the ridiculous claim that Israel, the world’s only Jewish state, is the puppet-master controlling the United States for its own selfish and nefarious purposes. This is just a modern-day iteration of the historic lie parroted by antisemites that the Jews controlled the levers of world power and Dyer’s unfounded accusation is repugnant.

Beyond the total lack of any evidence behind the claims that Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu is the “tail that wags the American dog,” as Dyer put it, is his apparent inability to grasp how any government could possibly support Israel, believing that apparently only a conspiracy theory could answer this conundrum.

Israel, despite its small size, is a liberal democratic state amid a sea of despotic, often fanatical, regimes. It is a stable, affluent society and one which, cultural differences aside, strongly resembles modern western societies. It should come as little wonder, then, why Israel is a natural ally of any western country. The bigger question, however, is why Dyer seems unable to understand this.

Cheri Elson, Dundas

Columns full of conspiracy theories

Once upon a time, I remember reading Gwynne Dyer’s columns with interest and feeling that he had something intelligent to say. I no longer feel that way, particularly when he writes that  Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu is “the tail that wags the U.S. dog.” Is he delusional as well as antisemitic?

Your newspaper should be publishing news rather than columns which are untrue and full of conspiracy theories

Preston Thom, Toronto


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