Two Editorials on Anti-Israel Boycotts

June 29, 2006

Cupeontario_1An editorial in today’s Globe and Mail, "CUPE and Israel," questions the motives behind the boycott of Israel by CUPE Ontario and the Toronto Conference of the United Church:

"When the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Ontario branch, voted last month to support an economic boycott of Israel, it went well beyond simply taking sides in a complex dispute. The first part of its resolution makes clear CUPE Ontario’s intention to delegitimize the Jewish state…

Of course Israel should not be immune from criticism. But by the same token, those such as CUPE Ontario that would treat the Jewish state as a pariah will raise legitimate fears… that anti-Semitism is a powerful force in the left-wing polemic."

Meanwhile, an editorial in today’s Toronto Sun, "It’s time to stand with Israel," suggests that CUPE Ontario and the Toronto Conference of the United Church are "calling on Canadians to choose sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict":

"Fair enough. We choose Israel, which cannot be expected to negotiate with a Palestinian government led by Hamas, a terrorist group whose founding charter calls not only for the destruction of Israel, but for the annihilation of the Jewish people… As long as this is Hamas’ position, it is Hamas, not Israel, that should be boycotted by the civilized world."


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