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by Mike Fegelman
  • Sept 23 2009: “A cutline on a photo in Monday’s Toronto Sun was incomplete. The photo showing a Palestinian mourning the death of his brother at a funeral in the Gaza strip failed to note the dead man was shot by Israeli troops while trying to plant a bomb along the Gaza border fence.” Clarification issued.
  • July 19 2008: “A cutline in yesterday’s Toronto Sun identified Samir Kantar as a Palestinian. In fact, he is Lebanese. The Sun regrets the error.” Correction issued.
  • Dec 29 2008: Article erroneously quoted a source stating “I was in Beirut in 2006 where 5000 people died…” Correction stated “More than 1,200 Lebanese died, as well as about 160 Israeli soldiers and civilians.”
  • July 15 2008: “A brief in the Canada Sunflashes column last Friday incorrectly described the town of Bilin as a Palestinian West Bank town. It is a Palestinian town located on the West Bank, as the original wire story reported.” Correction issued.
  • May 14 2008: “A caption under a photo of Israeli PM Ehud Olmert in the May 10 Sun was incorrect in saying Olmert “admitted wrong” in taking cash from a US financier. Olmert denied any wrongdoing.” Correction issued.
  • Mar 4 2008: “A photo in yesterday’s Sun was misidentified as Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak with a quote attributed to him. The photo was of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. In the first paragraph of the wire story on Gaza peace talks, the word Palestinian was changed to Palestine. The Sun regrets the errors.” Correction issued.
  • Feb 15 2008: According to a senior editor at the Toronto Sun: “Thank you for your letter. Your concern about the use of language in the caption is well founded. The words “Israeli apartheid” should have been in quote marks, as they were in the story, or otherwise attributed. I have alerted our copy desk to this fact and reminded them it is always our goal to be fair and accurate in such cases. Photographer Alex Yurosevic, of course, only took the picture but did not write the caption. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.”
  • Nov 15 2007: “Due to an editing error, the wrong year for Yasser Arafat’s death was inserted in a story published Tuesday by The Associated Press. The wrong date was repeated under a photo of Arafat. He died in 2004, not 2003.” Correction issued.
  • Sept 4 2007: Apology – “Thank you for your email regarding the news brief we ran headed “Gaza blast kills 3 Palestinian children.” I haven’t seen the original wire story but I expect the details of context concerning the use of children by terrorist organizations were not in that first story. If they were, I agree we should have given more space to the story. I expect that the context emerged only after subsequent investigation. However, your letter does underline the danger of short stories. I thank you for reminding us of that fact.” According to a senior editor at the Toronto Sun, after a short wire brief failed to mention that Palestinian terror organizations are making cynical use of children, by sending them to areas where rocket launchers are located to collect weapons, consciously endangering them in places where the Israeli Defense Force targets the rocket salvos and sites.
  • June 26 2006: “An Eric Margolis column that appeared in Sunday’s Comment section referred to “Jewish-only road networks” in the West Bank. A more accurate representation would be “road networks restricted to Israeli vehicles.” Correction issued.
  • Feb 26, 2006: Correction: “A wire services brief that appeared in Monday’s Sun incorrectly attributed comments regarding possible truce talks with Israel made by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh to President Mahmoud Abbas.”
  • Oct 12 2005: Israeli Nobel Prize winner misidentified.The captions under photos of Nobel winners in economic sciences, Robert J. Aumann and Thomas C. Schelling were transposed in the Toronto Sun yesterday. Clarification issued.
  • Sept 3 2005: Israeli man murdered by Hamas called a “settler.” Correction issued.
  • July 25 2005: A Palestinian was to blame for the stabbing death of a 12-year-old, not a Jewish settler as reported. Correction issued.



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