Toronto Sun vs. "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid"

June 17, 2009

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid: “We’re not anti-Semitic”

“Re “Pride parade outrage” (June 12): The Sun levelled serious accusations of anti-Semitism against Queers Against Israeli Apartheid without any evidence and without contacting us for a response. There is no evidence because it’s not true. Not only do we have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism or racism of any kind, about half of our organizing committee is Jewish. On the contrary, it is your reporter who is guilty of racism for mentioning the grand marshall of the pride parade is Muslim, as if this is somehow a bad thing. We invite your reporter to attend the Pride parade this year to learn that it is a political event, contrary to the claims of straight people you interviewed for your story. In fact, joining us in our contingent this year will be members of the Simon Nkoli Anti-Apartheid Committee, a gay activist group that marched in the Toronto Pride parade in the 1980s to protest South African apartheid.”

Sue Goldstein and Tim McCaskell
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid
Letter to the Editor, Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun: “We never said you were anti-Semitic” 

“We did nothing of the sort and your allegation against our reporter is absurd. We reported: “Jewish groups are outraged that the Toronto Pride Parade could be hijacked by anti-Semitic protesters,” an accurate summation of their position. We reported Pride Toronto’s reasons for including your group in the parade and that you have Jewish members. We quoted from your own website that you seek “to reignite Toronto’s queer community in the fight” to brand Israel’s occupation of Palestine as apartheid, opposing its promotion as “a tolerant, queer-positive democracy”.” 

Editor response, Toronto Sun

Queers Against Israel Apartheid 


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