Toronto Star’s Shree Paradkar Produces Two More Anti-Israel Screeds In A Week

Shree Paradkar, “Social and Racial Justice” columnist for the Toronto Star is at it yet again, penning two anti-Israel pieces in a week. On May 17, she wrote a column entitled: “Kagiso Molope’s challenge at Ottawa gala spotlights artists fighting institutional silence on Gaza”, where she focused on the novelist Kasigo Molope’s uninvited, one-sided anti-Israel speech at the recent The Politics and Pen Gala, and the negative reaction to it.

She followed this up on May 22 with a column entitled: “Charges quietly dropped for four of the ‘Indigo 11’ pro-Palestine protesters”, where she accused the police of disproportionate behavior in response to anti-Israel vandalism of an Indigo store.

In her first column, Paradkar equated apartheid with the Hamas-Israel war in Gaza. Quoting Molope, she wrote, “As a Black Indigenous woman who is an apartheid survivor, Molope said, what is happening to Palestinians, ‘is very familiar to us.’ Several human rights agencies have concluded that Israeli policies against Palestinians constitute apartheid.”

The definition of apartheid in South Africa is, “a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.”

Accusing Israel of this is ignorant at best; at worst a deliberately flipped narrative that whitewashes Hamas’s atrocities and genocidal terror intentions.

One-fifth of Israeli citizens are Arabs with full equal rights – not something South Africa granted the blacks under apartheid – and is currently fighting a defensive war for its survival against a genocidal terrorist group. While Hamas cowardly hides behind its most vulnerable, Israel conducts a precise and incredibly humane war, caring for Gaza’s civilians by warning them of impending attacks and redirecting them to safety, most recently even funding and delivering tents for their shelter, certainly bizarre behaviour for a state depicted as having genocidal intentions.

In fact, several anti-Israel sources have indicated that their use of the term “apartheid” is calculated in order to garner international support, and not because it’s true, a stunning admission.

Paradkar continued to write of the event, “when Molope cited death rates and malnutrition rates in Gaza, she was interrupted by boos and heckles.” Free speech during an unannounced mic-grab works both ways.

In her second article, regarding vandalism by anti-Israel activists outside an Indigo store on November 3, she wrote, “In the Indigo incident, there is no evidence that Reisman was being targeted for being Jewish. The posters with Reisman’s image were clear about their purpose. They read: ‘Funding Genocide’ in bold and carried a mock quote in her name that read: ‘I’m happy to use the profits from your purchases to fund the Israeli military and bomb civilians.’”

Such a distinction is largely irrelevant, as Paradkar defended the rights of individuals to engage in wanton law-breaking because they believe their cause to be just, a theme that Paradkar has repeated previously.

Paradkar went on to quote the demonstrators’ lawyer that “we’re also calling for people to focus their attention on the real crime, which is the ongoing genocide in Gaza.”

This is another baseless allegation, usually based on the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry’s debunked casualty figures, which do not differentiate between combatant and civilian deaths. This is a defensive war, not a proactive genocide.

Additionally, genocidal entities would not usually allow in 572,300 tonnes of aid during the war, and would likely prefer to carpet bomb Gaza as opposed to risking its forces in a ground operation.

Shree Paradkar is yet again guilty of presenting Toronto Star readers with a one-sided, inaccurate portrayal of the Hamas-Israel war. One can only hope their readers are better informed and not misled by Paradkar’s invectives.

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