Toronto Star’s Anti-Israel Activist Journalist Pens Article Referring to Israeli “Apartheid” & “Occupation”

July 26, 2021

On May 25, HRC reported that the Toronto Star was allowing its journalists who signed a partisan and one-sided anti-Israel open letter to cover the Arab-Israeli conflict and matters affecting Canada’s Jewish community.

One such journalist was staff reporter/anti-Israel activist Zena Salem who in a report published in the Star today, wrote about Hani Dajane, a 29-year-old lawyer who founded “Let’s Talk (YLT), an online platform for Arab-identifying millennials and Gen-Zers that hosts thought-provoking discussions on issues like race, gender, accessibility and colonialism.”

Salem wrote (emphasis added):

Israel and Palestine, a topic many Arab Canadians have long cared about, is one example, and there are many layers to the discussions YLT has in regards to it.


For example, talking about the erasure of non-Muslim Arabs, especially in the context of the Palestinian struggle, while also focusing on the importance of addressing anti-Semitism.


The legitimate critiques of Israel do not and should not encourage anti-Semitism, as they take issue with Israel’s policies and system of occupation and apartheid rather than with Jewish people as a group,’ Dajane said.


‘We have a duty to protect all our community members and still foster inclusion, especially when speaking about the injustices that are happening to the Palestinian people.’

Salem’s article quotes without questioning the article’s subject statements about Israel being both an “occupier” and an “apartheid” state, as if these are indisputable facts and then continues with the statements saying that that they are not antisemitism. No mention was made of course that Arabs have the same rights as Israeli Jews in Israel and that by a 10:1 ratio, Arab-Israelis would prefer to remain in Israel vs. a future Palestinian state. Naturally, no mention was made about Jewish indigeneity in Israel proper and in Judea and Samaria.

That the Star has no problem allowing anti-Israel activists to masquerade as its journalists tells you all you need to know about this paper’s biases.


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