Toronto Star Video Fails to Mention that "Palestinian Internet Sensation" is a Terrorist

September 9, 2016

Yesterday, the Toronto Star posted a video to its website headlined “Palestinian internet sensation brings joy with funny videos” about how “Adel Meshoukhi, a former Hamas security guard, seeks to make Gazans forget about their daily woes by posting funny videos on social media.” 

The Star and the makers of this video report failed to mention and disclose that:

  1. Hamas is committed to Israel’s destruction and is a proscribed terror group according to Canada, the U.S., U.N, E.U. etc. Instead, Hamas was sanitized as a “militant” group in this video .
  2. According to Agence France-Presse, Adel Meshoukhi (pictured right) is still on Hamas’ payroll.

Failing to mention this vital context was misleading to viewers of this video who were not told that this individual worked for, and still secures a salary from an organization that wants to wipe Israel from the map.


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