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Toronto Star: "The Palestinian West Bank"

by Mike Fegelman

Mitchpotter_1The Toronto Star‘s Middle East bureau chief Mitch Potter has decided that the West Bank of the Jordan River is Palestinian land. In an article in today’s Star, Potter writes:

"The postwar malaise only appears to have emboldened the Israeli settler movement, which is rejoicing that the government’s scheme to unilaterally uproot Jewish settlements from the Palestinian West Bank has now been shelved."

We’re not sure how Mr Potter arrived at the conclusion that the West Bank is Palestinian territory, but we’d be interested to hear the Star’s explanation. We trust the newspaper will not claim that Mr. Potter was simply referring to those areas of the West Bank under Palestinian control; after all, he doesn’t use the term "Israeli West Bank" to describe areas under Israeli control.

What You Can Do:

Tell the Toronto Star that Mr. Potter’s claim shows a bias toward the Palestinian position. Remind the Star that pending a final settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the West Bank is not Palestinian territory.

Letters to the Editor can be sent to lettertoed@thestar.ca. Ombudswoman Sharon Burnside can be reached at publiced@thestar.ca. Please email us at action@honestreporting.ca to let us know that you took action.



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