Toronto Star Reporter's Historical Revisionism

December 4, 2008

In an otherwise accurate report about Israeli and Palestinian leaders quietly making progress towards the goal of an industrial park in the Gilboa-Jenin area, Toronto Star reporter Oakland Ross drudges up the old canard that Israel had committed a ?massacre? in Jenin in 2002, thereby engaging in a cynical form of historical revisionism.

For the record, the Israeli Defense Forces carried out Operation Defensive Shield after wave after wave of suicide bombers originated from the Jenin refugee camps in months prior killing hundreds of Israelis. In a pin-point defensive operation, Israeli forces risked their lives by entering this raven?s nest full of terrorists to prevent further attacks on Israeli citizens. The final death toll saw 56 Palestinians dead, the majority of whom were combatants, along with 23 Israeli soldiers.

Mr. Ross? ?massacre? allusion was both contrary to historical fact and replete of any kind of context or balance which could have brought clarity to this report.


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