Toronto Star Headlines "One-Sided and Misleading"

Frank Dimant, Executive Vice-President of B’nai Brith Canada took umbrage with the Toronto Star’s headlines in the past two weeks presenting Israel as the sole agressor.  See his letter to the editor as printed in the Star today below or online here:

?With an unrelenting barrage of one-sided and misleading headlines, the Toronto Star seems intent on painting Israel as a brutal and vindictive aggressor simply for exercising its duty to defend its citizens from attack. Your coverage has included the following headlines: "Israeli missiles hammer Hamas," May 19; "Israel blasts Hamas sites," May 21; "Israel turns up heat on Hamas," May 23; and "Israeli strikes pound Hamas," May 27. You paint Hamas as an innocent victim, thereby offering a skewed and distorted picture of reality. Since May 15, Palestinian terror groups have launched more than 250 Qassam rockets at the town of Sderot and the Western Negev. These deadly attacks are only the most recent of the many hundreds more launched against Israel since its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in September 2005. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups target Israeli civilians with the intent to inflict maximum harm. Hamas is outlawed as a terrorist group under Canadian law. Why would a Canadian newspaper use headlines that treat this entity in such a sympathetic way??


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