Toronto Star Editorial Uncritically Accepts Hamas Propaganda On Rafah Fires, Just As Media Did With Hospital Bombing In October

Last October, Hamas and its affiliated channels loudly proclaimed that Israel had bombed a hospital in Gaza, killing 500 Palestinians inside. The unfounded allegation became international news instantly, leading to widespread condemnations from news media outlets and political leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Minister Melanie Joly.

Before long, the accusation was proven to be false, with footage showing the culprit was an errant Palestinian rocket fired from within Gaza, not an Israeli missile, which struck the hospital’s parking lot, and far less than 500 had died, likely one-tenth that figure.

But the damage was done. The news media uncritically accepted a Hamas blood libel.

And now they are doing it again, clearly having learned nothing from the experience.

In a May 28 editorial in The Toronto Star entitled: “Israel’s tragic ‘mistake’ a powerful sign it needs to listen to the international community,” the newspaper’s editorial board lectured Israel about its supposed culpability in an “Israeli airstrike that burned up a tent camp in Rafah, killing at least 45 on Sunday.”

For its part, Israel said that the strike was a “tragic mishap,” and has pointed out that the weapons it used were precise munitions which it says could not have cause such explosions, but one need not take Israel’s word for it.

Preliminary investigations point to and satellite imagery indicates, that while Israel struck a Hamas target, it was about 180 metres away from where the fires occurred, meaning that the strike alone could not have caused the conflagration.

However, a video from the scene and investigations suggest that secondary explosions took place, lending evidence showing a munitions storage on the ground, almost certainly belonging to Hamas, which caused the tragic fires.

Incredibly, none of those details – backed up by photographic and video evidence – got even a passing mention in The Toronto Star editorial, which instead preferred to take unverified disinformation from a recognized Islamic terrorist group at face value.

That is not the only place where the authors took Hamas disinformation at face value, repeating the unverified claim of 36,000 fatalities, ascribing it to “the territory’s health ministry,” a ridiculous whitewashing of the Hamas-run ministry.

Facts notwithstanding, the editorial waged its proverbial finger at Israel, writing that while Israel’s “twin desires to bring the hostages home and to drive out Hamas, a movement dedicated in part to the destruction of Israel, are entirely understandable,” that does not mean Israel has the right to fight Hamas, saying a consensus is developing that “the world must stop any and all support for the war and insist on a ceasefire, the release of hostages and humanitarian aid.”

Israel’s right and obligation to defend itself is not based on a consensus from foreign countries, and The Toronto Star’s editorial is not only condescending, but indeed incredibly ignorant.

Not only did the editorial ignore the huge amounts of humanitarian aid entering Gaza daily, but it is also seemingly unaware that Hamas is a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization dedicated to Israel’s violent destruction. Consequently, any “ceasefire” that does not see the group’s destruction all but guarantees long-term, perhaps even endless, war.

This Toronto Star editorial amounts to an adolescent acceptance of Hamas propaganda without any critical thinking reflected whatsoever.

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