Toronto Star Editorial on "Singling Out Israel"

StarAn editorial in today’s Toronto Star points out the hypocrisy in singling out Israel for boycotts and divestment campaigns:

"Singling out Israeli policy for special censure while failing to similarly censure Israel-hostile Mideast regimes such as Iran and Syria, and brutal ones elsewhere, suggests a moral tilt that is out of step with the views of fair-minded Canadians…

Palestinians are suffering, but some of their plight is self-inflicted. The election of the terrorist Hamas party, which refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, has been a tragic setback.

Some Israeli policies, including settlements in occupied areas, are a fair target for criticism. Many Israelis are the fiercest critics of their government, despite the terror attacks they have endured. No neighbouring country tolerates such dissent.

Boycotts and ‘disinvestment’ campaigns for the sake of social justice are always controversial. In this case, they are simply unfair."

Read the full editorial here.


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